Revitive Circulation Booster

The Revitive™ Circulation Booster® is a Class IIa medical device and may increase circulation, reduce swollen feet and alleviate aches and pains.

The Revitive™ Circulation Booster® has been designed to help improve poor circulation, reduce swelling in your lower legs and feet and alleviate tired, heavy and aching legs in healthy people due to a sedentary life style . Our studies have shown that 40 minutes of inactivity in healthy people resulted in poor circulation and swelling. After using the Revitive™ Circulation Booster® for only 20 minutes, this could be alleviated.
The Revitive™ Circulation Booster® uses Electrical Muscle Stimulation to contract and relax the muscles in the lower legs. The Revitive™ Circulation Booster® is mains operated and comes with a remote control making it so easy to use. You can sit back, relax and let the Circulation Booster® go to work while you are reading, watching the TV or simply enjoying a cup of tea.

Real people

“I would like to thank-you very much for the Revitive™ Circulation Booster®. Ken and I are making very good use of it, my swollen ankles have certainly been reduced. Thank-you once again.”
Phylis Fourte, Toombul QLD

How can the Revitive™ Circulation Booster® help you

Using the Revitive Circulation Booster® for just 30 minutes per day may help maintain healthy circulation in your legs and provide relief from swelling, poor circulation and aches & pains.
See if it could help relieve your symptoms, allowing you to get on with your day!

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Revitive Circulation Booster